As martial artists we all know how beneficial certain fruits are. In Jiu-Jitsu we tend to really appreciate Acai. Every time people compete in large tournaments you will always see a huge group of competitors huddled around the acai vendor after their matches. There are however many great fruits that have all sorts of benefits. One of the fruits that is underutilized by athletes and martial arts students is the “Dragon Fruit”. This fruit is truly as exotic as the name implies, but it also is very good for us. Some of the great benefits of Dragon Fruit are …

Dragon fruit can help the immune system. Dragon fruit Contains high levels of vitamin C which can lead to better overall health

Dragon fruit helps in digestion. Dragon fruit contains lots of fiber which aids in the digestion of other food. Some Studies have also shown that it actually increases growth of probiotic cultures.

Dragon fruit can lower your blood glucose levels in type two diabetes. Studies have also shown that the glucose in dragon fruit is beneficial for all diabetes patients.

Dragon fruit prevents the formation of cancer causing free radicals. The minerals and fibers contained in dragon fruit helps with digestion and cleans out toxins which reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Dragon fruit is an anti-oxidant. This Fruit is very high in vitamin C, minerals and pytoalbumin

Dragon fruit Can lower cholesterol and reduce risks of cardiovascular disease.

Folk Health Benefits From Dragon Fruit.

Dragon fruit Increases the rate of wound healing.

Dragon fruit increases appetite.

Dragon fruit is said to lead to better eye sight

Dragon fruit is great for weight loss

Dragon fruit can increase brain function and memory.

Lets face it, this fruit has both and awesome name and awesome benefits to our bodies. So next time you’re at the super market grab some dragon fruit and change up your fruit routine a little.



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