EBI 3 Tournament Predictions

Not all bracket predictions are for the NCAA Basketball’s March Madness.

I have reviewed the brackets and bios of all 16 competitors in the EBI 3 170 lbs tournament. After watching video on all of the competitors and watching some of these guys compete at previous EBIs and other tournaments around So Cal, here are my predictions. Feel free to boo and mock them in the comments below.

First Round

Garry Tonon vs Josh Valles
Prediction: Tonon
Thoughts: Valles won NoGi Worlds at Blue Belt, but he is no match for Tonon.

Karen Daradedyan vs. Joey Hauss
Prediction: Daradedyan
Thoughts: Daradedyan is the more experienced grappler and has nasty foot locks. Hauss is talented, but no match for the Gokor product. On a sidenote, Hauss is an up and coming comedian on the LA comedy circuit.

Match 3: Stephen Martinez vs. Enrico Cocco
Prediction: Cocco
Thoughts: Cocco, the ADCC veteran and Black Belt should be able to handle Martinez. I would like to see Cocco walk out to the mats with ‘CoCo’ as his entrance song. 

Lauri Karpinnen vs Eddie Cummings
Prediction: Cummings
Thoughts: Cummings has already taken out one of 10th Planet’s top Black Belts, Denny Propokos. Karpinnen, a 10th Planet Purple Belt, will likely get caught in some foot lock by Cummings.

Richie Martinez vs. Julio Cordova.
Prediction: Martinez
Thoughts: Boogieman Martinez made the finals of the first EBI and will likely catch Cordova, who is also an EBI veteran.

Darragh O’Conaill vs Marcelo Mafra
Prediction: Mafra
Thoughts: Possibly the best first round match up between 2014 World NoGi Champion Mafra and the 2014 London Open Gi and NoGi Champion O’Conaill. Mafra has the edge with the home court advantage.

Josh Hinger vs Michael Padilla
Prediction: Hinger
Thoughts: Hinger has more experience on the west coast BJJ scene with 2nd place finishes at the 2014 American Nationals Gi and NoGi divisions.

Matt Secor vs Nathan Orchard
Prediction: Orchard
Thoughts: This is Orchard’s third EBI appearance. He finished in second place in the last edition and his experience with this format and his mean streak will give him an edge over Secor.


Garry Tonon vs Karen Daradeyan
Prediction: Tonon
Thoughts: This could really go either way. This match is a dream match for BJJ fans with a foot fetish. The loser will likely be limping off the mats.

Enrico Cocco vs Eddie Cummings
Prediction: Cocco
Thoughts: This is such a close match up. Eddie’s best chance to win is to catch Cocco with a leg lock early in the match. Cocco has the edge in major competitions and will eek out a win in overtime where the comptitors will start in top arm bar or back control positions.

Richie Martinez vs Marcelo Mafra
Prediction: Mafra
Thoughts: This will be close. I give the edge to Mafra based on experience and technical skills.

Josh Hinger vs. Nathan Orchard
Prediction: Orchard
Thoughts: Dead Orchard. That is all


Garry Tonon vs Enrico Cocco
Prediction: Tonon
Thoughts: Tonon defeated Cocco by rear naked choke at NoGi Worlds. I see a repeat of this match at EBI 3.

Marcelo Mafra vs Nathan Orchard
Prediction: Mafra
Thoughts: Mafra will play a tight and conservative game and best Orchard in overtime by riding/control time.


Garry Tonon vs. Marcelo Mafra
Prediction: Tonon
Thoughts: Tonon will have his choice of burgers and women after he wins that tight EBI belt.



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