Ed O’Neill Talks About His Introduction To BJJ

Ed O’Neill is a veteran television actor with massive hits such as Married… with Children and Modern Family. What many don’t know is that he is actually a BJJ black belt with the promotion given by none other than Rorion Gracie — one of the most prominent members of the clan.

Over two decades ago, O’Neill was convinced by his friend to visit the Gracie Academy in Torrance, CA. He wasn’t keen on it at first but the 10-minute intro class completely changed his mind. It was an impressive display of technique that showed him he had much to learn in this sport. The funny Ed O’Neill BJJ video has gotten its fair share of views.

He signed up for classes immediately after that and hasn’t looked back since. His progression has been steady, resulting in a coveted black belt. He continues to train with weekly private lessons from Rorion Gracie.


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