Nick Diaz Is Back And Should Be Able To Fight By Aug 1

Following the outrageous five year suspension issued by the Nevada State Athletic Commission following a failed drug test, the commission has decided to reduce the sentence and Nick Diaz eligible to fight on Aug. 1. That’s right folks, one of the UFC’s most popular fighters will be eligible to fight again before the year comes to a close. Diaz was suspended initially by the athletic commission for the previously mentioned five years, but Diaz opted to sue the commission and after a settlement will be able to fight again this year. Diaz will still have to pay a fine of $100,000, which was reduced from the originally set amount of $165,000. Diaz is still a huge threat in the UFC Welterweight Division and he already holds a knockout win over the divisions kingpin at the moment Robbie Lawler, but that happened many, many years ago at UFC 47 in 2004.


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