Eddie Bravo Invitational 4 Is Another Resounding Success

Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Last night, Eddie Bravo’s fourth invitational tournament went down, and it was amazing. The featherweight tournament featured notable names like, Eddie Cummings, Joao Miyao, Geo Martinez, and Baret Yoshida. And, as usual, there were superfights between every round of the tournament. The superfights definitely stole the show. These young ladies are the future of Jiu Jitsu, and they put on exciting performances. The tournament wasn’t too shabby either. The card got off to a fast start, as the first three matches ended in submission. Joe Soto was the biggest surprise of the night. The former UFC title challenger was able to defeat defending champ Geo Martinez, and Joao Miyao, in overtime to advance to the finals. On the other side of the bracket, Eddie Cummings submitted all his opponents via Heel Hook to earn his spot in the finals.

Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia
Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Ultimately, Joe Soto succumbed to Eddie Cumming’s relentless Heel Hook game. Cummings earned himself the EBI featherweight title, and 20K. The one competitor I was disappointed in was Joao Miyao. I thought he had a really lackluster performance in this tournament. Soto, on the other hand, showed that he can hang with elite grapplers. However, I do wish he would have been a little more aggressive. Soto seemed content to take his matches to overtime, and win by submission escape time rather than an actual submission. Some other tweaks could be made to the format, but it was an excellent event. EBI definitely has the best rule set for hardcore grappling fans, and casual fans alike. Eddie Bravo is doing a tremendous thing for the sport of submission grappling, and I can’t wait until EBI 5 comes around!

Official results: 

Opening round:

Geo Martinez def. Sergio Perez via Rear-Naked Choke

Joe Soto def. Eddie Fyvie via Heel Hook

Geoff Real def. Dane Molina via Kneebar

Joao Miyao def. Mike Main in OT

Eddie Cummings def. Kevin Berbrich via Heel Hook

Russ Miura def. Alexis Alduncin via Heel Hook

Randall Dolf def. Joe Murphy in OT

Baret Yoshida def. Dennis Dombrow via Kneebar


Superfight 1: 

Alyssa Wilson def. Cora Sek


Quarter finals:  

Baret Yoshida def. Randall Dolf via Rear-Naked Choke

Eddie Cummings def. Russ Miura via Heel Hook

Joao Miyao def. Geoff Real in overtime via Rear-Naked Choke

Joe Soto def. Geo Martinez in overtime via fastest escape


Superfight 2:  

Talita Alencar def. Kyra Batara via Armbar in overtime

Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia
Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Semi Finals: 

Eddie Cummings def. Baret Yoshida via Heel Hook

Joe Soto def. Joao Miyao in overtime via fastest escape

Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia
Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia


Superfight 3:  

Grace Gundrum def. Jessa Khan via Rear-Naked Choke in overtime

Amazing Grace

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Finals:   Eddie Cummings def. Joe Soto via Heel Hook  


Catch the replay at budovideos.com/ebi4 You won’t be disappointed ??? @blanca_marisa_garcia


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