Joe Rogan: ‘Huge Amount Of UFC Fighters Smoke Pot Than Don’t’

Recently, during a transmission of his well known JRE Podcast, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan claimed that a significant percentage of UFC athletes smoke cannabis. Of course, this is hardly a startling revelation. Nonetheless, it is notable that someone with such a high industry profile would make a claim of this nature. Rogan went on to say that many athletes have to be careful and cease smoking roughly one month before their bouts, to avoid falling foul of the drug testing authorities.

Opinion is divided on whether fighters should be allowed to smoke weed. On the face of it, cannabis seems unlikely to offer any performance advantages. However, others have pointed out that the drug can dull the sensation of pain, so it is dangerous for combat athletes to use. Perhaps Rogan’s comments will spark further debate and lead to clarification from the Nevada State Commission.


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