F2WPRO CEO Seth Daniels: Rocha-Agazarm Bout Changed To No-Contest

Fight To Win Pro (F2WPRO) has reversed its controversial decision in favor of Brazilian black belt Vagner Rocha.  That is according to F2WPRO CEO Seth Daniels in a recent Facebook post.

Rocha was originally declared the winner of his main event bout against bitter rival AJ Agazarm at last night’s Fight To Win Pro 14. However, the promotion’s decision was later met with heavy criticism considering Rocha kicked Agazarm off the stage early in their match.


Daniels called Vagner’s illegal attack “completely ridiculous” and confronted Rocha about his behavior, telling him to “cut the shit.”  However, he decided to let the match continue because AJ wanted to keep going.  Had he not, according to the F2W CEO, “Vagner would have been DQ’d.”

Despite stripping Rocha of his win, Daniels told his Facebook followers and friends that he stands by his original “decision to calm down the fighters and allow the match to continue.”

In my opinion it was the right decision to allow the match to continue and let the tensions be settled with chokes, armbars and sweeps rather then a fist fight in the parking lot where weapons or other altercations could have occurred between the two and their fans.

With Vagner disqualified, AJ Agazarm will remain #1 contender in gi and no-gi for F2WPRO black belt middleweight title.

You can read Seth Daniels’ original Facebook posts on the incident below.

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