Felipe Pena Challenges Gordon Ryan For $20,000 Submission-Only Gi Match

Felipe and his coach, Romulo Barral, celebrate after Felipe's win over Gordon Ryan. Felipe later called out Ryan, but Ryan turned down the fight. Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Felipe Pena is coming off of a huge win at Studio 540 over Danaher Death Squad member and EBI 6 Champion Gordon Ryan.

But Pena wants more. More money and more clothing.


I accepted Gordon Ryan’s challenge in the rules, in the place and in the way he chose, I stay quiet for everything he sad and post before. Each one has a personality and I am not the guy who will be doing trash talk, I prefer to keep to myself and put in a show in the day of the fight! But now that the fight is over I would like to challenge him as he does with everyone for a kimono fight where the winner will take 20,000 DOLLARS! I hope he accepts as I did…


“We [Gracie Barra Northridge] would like to make the same challenge,”Felipe’s coach, multiple-time World Champion Romulo Barral told FloGrappling. “We’d like to put $20,000 and make the fight with the gi [and] submission-only. On our rules. So, I hope Gordon can accept.”

Photo by Kitt Canaria

Pena enthusiastically agreed.

“I am down. I accepted his challenge, so I will be happy too if he accept the challenge with the gi, submission only as well.”

No news yet on whether Gordon Ryan plans on accepting the match, but it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t want the money or the chance to redeem himself.

And if he doesn’t, Felipe Pena will still have plenty on his plate in 2017. The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and Worlds are only a few of the tournaments he plans on competing in.


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