Fight To Win Pro 12 Results

It was a good night for both Mackenzie Dern and Benson Henderson at September 17’s Fight To Win Pro 12.

Henderson – a former WEC and UFC lightweight champion – took on Jay J Pages in the co-main event. Pages put on a great show, but with such an elite fighter as his opponent, the Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu founder can’t be blamed for succumbing to a rear naked choke. As one of his students put it on his Facebook page, he was competing “at a level most of us only dream of.”  

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and World champion Talita Alencar also had a huge challenge ahead of her: defeating one of the biggest names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Mackenzie Dern.

Dern pulled guard early in the round and went for an omoplata, but Alencar countered by stepping over and going for a toe hold.

After a brief scramble, the match came to a crashing halt – figuratively and literally – when the two grapplers fell off the stage. Luckily, neither of them was hurt and the match continued.

To her credit, Alencar put up a fight for the entirety of the match, but it was Mackenzie Dern who had her hand raised at the end.

Benson Henderson and Mackenzie Dern may have been the stars of the show, but they weren’t the only stars in attendance. Maynard James Keenan – best known as the enigmatic voice behind the hard rock powerhouses Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle – made a special behind-the-scenes appearance at Fight To Win Pro.

Great to see the homie #mjk come out and support #f2wpro good to see u man

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Keenan has been training in BJJ for twenty years. He received his blue belt from the legendary Rickson Gracie sixteen years ago and was awarded his purple belt last year from Luis “Limao” Heredia.

Fight To Win Pro 12 took place at the West World in Scottsdale, Arizona. The results for the event are listed below:

Black Belt Results
Mackenzie Dern defeats Talita Alencar decision FOTN
Benson Henderson defeats Jay Pages RNC
Steve Judson defeats Shannon Ritch Armbar
Daniel Madrid defeats Shawn Durfee decision
Issa Able defeats David Farias heel hook 
Andrew Gardineer defeats Beau Tribolet Decision
Diogo Moreno defeats Daniel Hampton decision
Chris Cariaso defeats Michael Garcia decision
Carlos Farias defeats JJ Pugsley neck crank
Kevin Nicasio defeats Jose Munoz decision 
Logan Jewell defeats Daniel Grippaudo decision
Christian Broadnax defeats Joey Medina decision
Jonathan Van Buren defeats David Reilly armbar SOTN

Paris Stanford defeats Aaron Wilson Decision FOTN
André Almeida defeats Wyatt Shepherd choke
Vanessa Wexler defeats Lesliee Gardineer bow and arrow choke
Thomas Keenan defeats Matt Blank triangle
Michael Kaplan defeats Matt Mamolen decision
Josh Rodriguez defeats Steeyle Levine darce SOTN
Karen Kovach defeats Destiny Adviento decision

Purple Belt results
Patrick Oskvarek defeats John Naylor foot lock
Kevin LePert defeats Ian Foss Armlock 
John Cabay defeats Jeff Thornton kimura FOTN
Jake Watson defeats JR Redfox straight ankle lock SOTN
Tyson Antillon defeats Nicholas Larosa submission
Korey Kerber defeats Anson Park decision

Kids results
Nina Sandoval defeats Jameea Gunn decision FOTN


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