Former UFC Catch Wrestler Shayna Baszler Shows Off WWE Sharpshooter Submission

Shayna Baszler may have moved from the UFC bantamweight division to the WWE, but she continues to be a devotee of catch wrestling and submission arts. Once a protege of former heavyweight champion Josh Barnett, Baszler recently dropped this tutorial on how to work the flashy “sharpshooter” finish into your repertoire of leg (and back) damaging tools like a pro headliner.

You’re basically going to just apply all the miserable, tap-inducing principles of your personal favorite hook or slicer…but you’re gonna call it the “sharpshooter,” and with the step up and squat body position at the end ,you’re gonna look stylish as all hell doing it. But take it easy. This one might earn you appreciation points on the mat, but you can really hurt your training partner fast if you start throwing moves at speed like The Undertaker. Go slow and don’t be that guy.



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