Combat Tendinitis and Weak Elbows With These 3 Quick Exercises

If you train with any kind of regularity chances are eventually you’ll encounter one of combat sports’ most feared opponents: tendinitis, a painful inflammation of connective tissue due to repeat attacks on the joints and/or your inability to stop breaking your falls by putting your hands on the mat, Christopher. (Don’t worry, all white belts do it at first.) It’s not fatal, but tendinitis can evolve into more serious injuries and involuntary time off the mats if you don’t make the effort to mitigate damage while still minor. Which is where this video steps in.

Combat conditioning expert BJJStrength takes on your lateral epicondylitis (outside axis of the elbow pain), medial epicondylitis (inside of the elbow pain), bicep tightness, and generalized weakness in this practical combination of stretching, resistance exercises, and self massage. You’re not going to get physical therapy much cheaper than this, so consider the value of actually taking the less than 10 minutes a day twice a week recommended to care for those tender little mid-arm fulcrums.


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