You Have A Right To Tap To This Headlock Escape By Cops For Cops

If you’re one of those people always going “Why don’t they teach BJJ to cops,” you’re in luck. This one is for you. But it’s especially for you if you work in law enforcement, security, emergency services, or any other field that may require you restrain someone without killing them or yourself.

YouTube poster BJJ Cop, who legitimately boasts both a badge and cauliflower ear, shares here a headlock escape that’s prime for mats or the street. A savvy combination of tactical self defense and combat jits, it covers how you avoid strikes from your opponent (you know, those punches anyone not on a mat will actually be throwing when you’re in a scuffle) while transitioning into a tight kimura ultimately used for top control. Do the world a favor and share this with any friend or family member who works a line of duty.


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