Former UFC Fighter Josh Copeland Receives Two Years Of Probation After Allegedly Assaulting His Wife

Image Source: Colorado Police via TMZ

MMA fighter Josh Copeland has received his sentence for charges that followed a domestic violence incident back in February.

According to a report by MMA Junkie, Copeland reached a plea deal with Colorado prosecutors and will now serve two years of probation after pleading guilty to felony second-degree assault with serious bodily injury and misdemeanor third-degree assault. Should Copeland comply with the terms of his probation — which will reportedly include treatment and evaluation related to substance abuse and domestic violence — he will serve no jail time and ultimately have his felony charge expunged from his record.

The incident that prompted the charges occurred in February of this year, when Copeland allegedly punched his wife in the face during a heated argument and took her phone to prevent her from calling for help. The phone was later found in Copeland’s pocket, and he said that he “didn’t remember” punching his wife, who had an “obvious” bruise on her left eye in addition to a cut and bloodied face when the police arrived at the home.

The initial report of Copeland’s arrest prompted Fight 2 Win promoter Seth Daniels to share his thoughts on the fighter, calling him “the worst person he’d ever worked with in combat sports” and citing Copeland as the “main reason” he stopped promoting MMA and switched over to jiu-jitsu.

Copeland is a former UFC fighter, but has recently been fighting for the PFL. However, the promotion released him from his contract following the guilty plea.


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