Four Instructors You Might Have Met

Photo: Renzo Gracie Rockland

The longer I train the more I realize how many personalities there are for instructors. If you have been to a few seminars or if you have dropped by a few different academies surly you have noticed this phenomenon. There are many different qualities some instructors may possess over others. While many instructors will contain more than one of the personality qualities I wanted to present some of the ones I have ran into in my own personal experience.

  • The Technician– This instructor is the one who can break down a move into so many small components all while making it simple and easy to understand. This is one quality all instructors try to achieve, but only a few bring it to this level. For whatever reason some instructors while having black belt knowledge just have an easier time explaining details than others do.
  • The Competitor- This is the instructor who is always on top of the latest and greatest moves and is constantly watching tournament footage. His classes are often set at a faster pace and focus more on repetition and drilling than particular details, although they do show the details, but make priority to reps.
  • The Philosopher- This instructor has an insane level of philosophical knowledge when it comes to both Jiu-Jitsu and life. He is often much older and wiser than his counterparts. His classes can be slow, but always worthwhile. He often becomes a go to source for his students to talk about life issues as well.
  • The legend- This guy is very well known in the community and simply being in his presence gives off a great vibe and energy that lifts the whole room. He is often also many of the other personalities because of how long he has been in the game and can encompass the technician and the philosopher.


These are the four noticeable quality personalities that I have come across in my years of training. I could probably break them down into smaller components, but I think this is the easiest way to present it. Have you noticed any specific qualities that I may have left out?




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