Full Episode of Tim Ferriss Experiment Where He Trains with Marcelo Garcia

New York Times Best Seller author Tim Ferriss is a graduate of Princeton University, speaks numerous languages, won championships in both wrestling and kickboxing, and is high level ballroom dancer. The 4-Hour Work Week writer shot a reality television series that was originally supposed to air on the HLN network, where he has 5 days to learn a new skill in each episode. The series is now available on Youtube.com.

In the 4th episode of the series, Ferriss ventured to New York City to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the tutelage of multiple-time world champion Marcelo Garcia. Despite being a Division 1 NCAA wrestler, Ferriss takes his shares of bumps and bruises as he trains with Garcia, chess master and BJJ black belt Josh Waitzkin, and members of the ‘MG Dream Team.’




  1. I really appreciate trying to apply scientific learning strategies and theories to Jiu-jitsu, and there has to be a place for it in order to shorten the learning curve. This after all is congruent with Jiu-Jitsu’s principles of efficiency. I believe you can teach techniques, countering and submission opportunity identification by linking movements in a persons’ training, but what can’t be rushed however is feel and timing in reading an opponent’s movement. I have been practicing BJJ for 15 + years and find those sensitivities the most difficult part to teach, or impart on a student. I believe this is the “art” component that simply must be cultivated over many years .


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