Garry Tonon Claims Victory Over AJ Agazarm In The Gi At Fight To Win Pro 24

Photo source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Garry Tonon defeated AJ Agazarm in the highly anticipated main event of Fight to Win Pro 24.

The opponents started the match without shaking hands, revealing the animosity held between the two fighters.

Agazarm and Tonon started out alternating between working to pass each other’s guard. Tonon soon moved to working a kneebar attempt that looked like it might submit Agazarm, but somehow, Agazarm managed to escape. From there, Tonon worked a lot of transitions, focusing particularly on trying to work kimuras, armbars, and kneebars. Even though Agazarm was able to get mount on Tonon at the end and attempt a toe hold, the judges ultimately awarded Tonon the victory through unanimous decision.

The match was arranged after both Tonon’s original opponent (Gabriel Arges) and Agazarm’s original opponent (Bill Cooper) had to withdraw from the card due to injury. Tonon volunteered to take Cooper’s place under Agazarm’s stipulation that it had to be in the gi.


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