Garry Tonon Retains Welterweight No-Gi Title At Fight To Win Pro 28

After an acrobatic match that left spectators on the edge of their seats, Garry Tonon defeated Justin Rader at the main event of Fight to Win Pro 28.

The Oklahoma City event saw the two accomplished jiu-jitsu practitioners put on an intense bout filled with all the athletic prowess and technical ability you’d expect from competitors of Rader and Tonon’s caliber.

After spending a couple of minutes working from his feet, Tonon eventually dropped to the ground to attempt various leg and foot locks on his opponent. However, Rader remained calm and was able to escape everything the “Lion Killer” threw at him. Although Rader worked to establish a dominant position over his opponent, Tonon was eventually able to make it to his back and attempt a choke. Rader was able to hold out and defend his neck until time ran out, but Tonon’s numerous submission attempts caused the judges to unanimously award him the decision, making him the victor.

This is Tonon’s third victory at Fight to Win; he’s previously won against Dustin Akbari in no-gi and AJ Agazarm in the gi. Rader is also a Fight to Win Pro veteran, and just a couple weeks ago, he emerged victorious in an MMA fight. When the main event of F2W 28 was announced, Tonon revealed that he had looked up to Rader early in his jiu-jitsu career.


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