GF Team Marcos Soares Marcão Official Statement On The Fake Black Belt Jay Queiroz

It has not been the first time that a martial artist has lied about their rank and qualifications, but it does happen often. That is why BJJ Police exists, to keep fighters honest. The latest FAKE BJJ Blackbelt was exposed in one of their recent BJJ Police video.

In the video, Jay Queiroz of Team Jay Queiroz Martial Arts, based in Marlboro, NY, was exposed by BJJ Brown belt Mike Palladino and his students. He had claimed to be a recognized Black Belt, but as the video shows, his actions and techniques are not consistent with a true Black Belt fighter. His website on which he made bogus claims about his skills has since been taken down.

GF team Marcos Soares Marcão Official statement

Marcos Soares Marcão

“I want to inform you through this message that Jay Queiroz is not and never will be a Black Belt under GF Team. In reality he was a student of mine until his Purple Belt. He is calming that he did in fact get is Black Belt from American Top Team NY. But he insists to put on his profile that he is a Black Belt under GF Team. I have tried to reach out to him many times and I was not successful in contacting him, I believe he has blocked me. I have contacted our master Julio Cesar Pereira and he has been informed of the situation. I want to apologize to all Black Belts for this student and of his tremendous scam using our team name. Marcos Soares Marcao”


    • After watching the video I’m surprised he’s more than a white belt. I’ve seen some white belts that have better technique than him.

  1. I would like to question Marcos on how he or his team promoted this guy to purple belt? How the hell did that happen? The guy is absolutely clueless on the techniques and rolling. Does Marcos or his team give out fake belts?

    • Gft one of the best. Doubt the guy ever trained with them. Had the opportunity to train with several of their black belts and they are extremely skilled and rank high in all compete tons this guys is a bump blue belt would rip him in half Ous..

  2. Heard the Martial Arts Police a new crew assembled of Bjj stand up wrestling g grappling and all forms have joined together. They are going to schools after they get a call of fake instructors they roll in and challenge the fake exposing them and taking their belts right off of them. Also they return the MOney to the students who are at the real loss. So Ous to the Martial Arts Police they were needed and now they r here. Fakes better run.

  3. Ive trainned with them many years ago, and jay was not a so bad purple belt… Actually he won some champs as purple. What might happened is that after many years without learning and trainning hard he got at this point. I hope this fact doesnt tarnish Marcao e gfteam’s image.

    • Really Vinicius? Did you se his arm lock in a close guard? I can’t imagine his guy with a purple belt, even more winning some champ!! Best regards!

  4. Marcão, when I saw the video this guy try do a arm lock in a close guard without sucess… How does is he a purple belt? I can not imagine that!

  5. He doesn’t even know how to do a double leg or an armbar from closed guard. My white belt training partners have better technique than him. There’s no way he is a purple belt. I’m only a blue belt and I know all those basics he was trying to teach.

  6. I feel sorry for those real black belts who are insulted by FAKES. I’m doing Muay Thai, I’m only advanced level 1 and I will never lie about being level 5 or 6.


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