Female Self-Defense Demo With Sage Northcutt

Women can learn how to quickly and easily take their attackers off balance through Gracie Women Empowered w/ Sage Northcutt. In just three seconds of self defense training it is possible master a simple trick for gaining advantage over a stronger and larger opponent by  properly positioning your feet behind those of the attacking individual. If the attacker grabs onto you firmly, you can simply lift this person using your hip, rather than your hands. This limits the amount of physical effort that it takes to knock a large person off balance and gain advantage in a fight. The key is simply finding the right leverage point, which is exhibited several times in the session. Once grabbed from behind, shuffle your feet behind those of your attacker and then use your hip to lift his or her feet into the air. If the right leverage point is chosen, the arms never need to be used at all.


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