Guy Got Dq In A Tournament For Being A Douche

Video from Alex Ugalde’s match at Gracie Nationals

Alex got caught in a triangle, When the time run out his opponent didn’t let go for at least 5 seconds



  1. Uhh he wasn’t dq’ed the match was a draw. Seriously what slug is running this website? Its the TMZ of jiu jitsu. Actually that’s a put down to TMZ.

      • The downward X with the arms is a gesture used with IBJJF referees via the regulation and rule guidelines on their website.
        1. The referee should have stopped the match when they were out of bounds the first time, dragged them in bounds and restarted.
        2. This appears to be a. NOGI submission only match, 10 minutes in duration.
        3. The referee is not doing his job is the submitting practitioner is still being submitted 5 seconds after time expired. Safety is a primary concern for any referee.
        4. When coaches get overly involved and on the mat, and obstruct the referee in any way, the referee can DQ the practitioner. I didn’t see his coach do that but did see the green coach with the backwards hat get heavily into the match.
        5. The kids verbal and physical reaction to the stoppage SHOULD HAVE ALREADY WARRANTED an automatic disqualification for unsportsmanlike conduct.
        6. Right call made by the referee, but that call should have been made much earlier in the match.

  2. Once he (Alex) was on his knees, he should have used his right hand to push (Douche’s) foot to the mat, trapped it with his right shin, reach around and grab over the top of those first 3 toes, pull up, call it a day. #str8anklelock

  3. It is disrespectful to fail to submit when the submission is obvious locking the. That coach has no business being on the mat. This was an match between a guy who was putting his life at risk to win a stupid little tournament versus someone who had him dead to rights and was cheated on the reset. The triangle was not defensible when he rolled out, which is why he rolled out to get the reset. A dirty douche of a point fighter (Alex) vs someone who knows they should have won. He did not have arms locked when the match was reset but inseted he should when they where about to begin again. Before you say whatever it takes to win, the logical end point of that train of logic is just to shot every competator as they sign up and win an uncontested victory so don’t try that whole if it is not explicit in the rules bs then it’s okay. If you want everyone to act stoic for wins/loses get rid of all the loud mouth coaches first. There are many more instances of douche behavior before the celebration/complaining at calls. The ref is the bred of idiot that makes me wary of competing. I am amazed more people don’t die in IBJJF competitions because this kind of


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