Insane Comeback From Douglas Silva de Andrade – Puts Opponent To Sleep With Rear Naked Choke

Douglas Silva de Andrade was all but finished in his blood-soaked battle with Sergey Morozov, but he came back with a miraculous rear naked choke to secure an epic victory that had everyone in awe.

Andrade had a tough first round, taking some heavy shots and spending some time on his back, but his body language never broke. In the 2nd round, he came out like a mad man and scored a knockdown within the first minute, and another near the midpoint. He was battering Morozov before he took the back, locked a body triangle, and used the RNC to put his opponent to sleep.

In his post-fight interview, he called for the performance bonus,”I deserve the 100K, Dana. And the best performance and fight of the night. That’s the bonus I want.”


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