Instructor Demonstrate Rear Naked Choke But Almost Killed His Student

The rear naked choke has long been considered a dangerous move in martial arts and MMA. In fact, only wrestling of the sports entertainment variety allows the move. Most fighting promotions and academies would never allow a student to hold the move for that long without checking on the other guy.

A recent video popped up on social media, showing an instructor applying the RNC. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when the student begins convulsing because of the move. Watch this video of an instructor rear naked choke a student and cause a seizure


  1. “Most fighting promotions and academies would never allow an instructor to use the move on a student. Students would be kicked out of the class for performing the move, too.”

    A rear naked choke… Really? Is this a joke?

    • I think we’re both surprised at that allegation – unless what they mean is students actually choking one another into complete unconsciousness. Probably a lot of studios would frown on that.

  2. You are a liar and an idiot. You are probably not even a jiu jitsu practitioner. Gtfo and do your research before you spew your stupidity to everyone. EVERYONE IN BJJ USES THE REAR NAKED CHOKE. IT IS A STANDARD TECHNIQUE. this guy clearly has no clue, we should stop giving him clicks…

  3. These guys are police officers being trained to use the RNC. They don’t speak retarded, they speak Portuguese and they are in Brazil. The trainer knew what he was doing and held on to the RNC for a long but still safe amount of time….


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