Conor McGregor Donated €50, 000 To Homeless Charities

Conor McGregor might have a fair bit of money coming to him after his latest bout, but that doesn’t mean he’s keeping it all to himself. In fact, McGregor’s already got plans for his winnings – and part of that is giving back to those who need the money the most.

It’s not surprising that McGregor’s giving money to charity. He’s been fairly humble about his upbringing, coming from a working class family, and he’s never tried to act as if he’s solely responsible for his own success. He’s certainly gone the extra mile to take care of his own family, buying them a number of new cars and working to pay off their mortgages. His latest charity splurge, though, goes a bit further as the world sees Conor Mcgregor donating €50 000 to Ireland’s homeless charities

McGregor’s charities of choice at this time are Simon Community and Focus Ireland, but donating his money isn’t his only concern. As the interim featherweight champion, he’s also focusing on fighting Jose Aldo on December 12.


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