Is Wrestling or Judo a better stand up base for Jiu Jitsu competition?

There has long been a debate over what style is best on the feet for Jiu Jitsu competition. So which one is better? What are the advantages of each style? Is one truly better than the other? Since High School and Colleges have freestyle wrestling, that will be the style I compare to Judo.

The most obvious difference between these two styles is the takedown method. Folkstyle wrestlers prefer the standard wrestling shot while Judo participants use throws and trips. In my opinion, trips and throws can take you down faster than a traditional wrestling shot. More often than not when you are in on a double-leg takedown you have to drive your opponent to the ground, it is not usually and instantaneous takedown. Trips and throws can happen much quicker. So for the speed category I would have to give the advantage to Judo.

I think that wrestling shots have a higher rate of success than, say, a Judo throw. I’m sure you have seen matches where both opponents lock up and fight for grips the whole match. This is because throws and trips take more time to set up and are therefore a little bit easier to see coming. Wrestling shots can come from the outside or when you are tied up with someone, this allows you to be a little more creative when setting up your shots. For throws you need to have a hold of someone’s Gi or a part of their body. Wrestling shots can be taken from various ranges and there are also multiple types of shots you can take. I’ll give wrestling the advantage in the versatility department.

Both styles play out vastly different once it goes to the ground. Most wrestling shots lead to you landing in your opponents guard. Throws and trips can often land you in a dominant

position once the match hits the mat. Shooting a double-leg can also lead to the wrestler’s Kryptonite, the Guillotine choke. Yes I’m sure everyone knows the feeling of thinking you have just completed an excellent takedown, then being choked out shortly after. You are safe from most submissions when you try to trip or throw your opponent. I’ll have to give the edge to Judo when you are transitioning.

So which style is more effective? Well, it depends on what you prefer. Since I wrestled In High School my preference is to shoot on my opponent. Maybe you come from a Judo background and like to wait for the perfect time to hit a throw. Either way don’t limit yourself, if your Judo is good but your wrestling is weak work on your wrestling! Being well-rounded is very important to being successful in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


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