I’ve seen 1,000 people quit Jiu-Jitsu In 7 Years

Nobody said martial art is easy. The level of dedication required to train consistently until one reaches the pinnacle is something special. It is therefore unsurprising that few of those who start the journey eventually finish it.

Felipe Guedes, a Jiu Jitsu teacher, could not help but feel emotional during the Black Belt ceremony of his students. He pondered on the number of individuals who eagerly walked into their gym to sign up only to quit later on before achieving their end goal. He said, “I’ve seen 1000 people quit Jiu Jitsu in 7 years.” That is out of 1,300 or so enrollments.

He tries not to take the cancellations personally knowing that each person has their own challenges in life. All of these difficulties make the occasion more special for him. Indeed, he swelled with pride looking at his students who were about to get their hard-earned black belts.


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