High School Kid Body-Slams School Security Guard, Then Grounds-and-Pounds Him In Shocking Video

A video is making the rounds on the Internet today. A high school kid body-slams school security guard, then grounds-and-pounds him. Unfortunately, the video begins at the moment the body slam occurs and provides no context whatsoever. It appears as though the people filming the video are having a good time.

Shockingly, in the best way possible, the security guard doesn’t retaliate against the student. He instead opts to stand back up and do nothing from there. Perhaps that means the student didn’t have any power behind his punches. Either way, it’s a shocking video in that the student is lucky that the much larger security guard didn’t respond to his assault.

High School Kid BODYSLAMS School Security Guard . . . Then Gives Him . . . The GROUND AND POUND!!! (Wow . . . Kids Are Really OUT OF CONTROL These Days)

Posted by Mediatakeout on Sunday, October 25, 2015

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