Keenan Cornelius Tests His Self-Defense Skills Against A “Knife” Attack

Many of us started jiu-jitsu for self-defense, but we’re realistic — we know that adding a weapon such as a gun or a knife into a scuffle completely changes things. While there are ways to improve your chances of getting away from an attacker with a knife, a lot of people who are trained in combat sports underestimate just how easy it is to get sliced up.

Keenan Cornelius decided to test this out for himself and teamed up with Miha Perhavec to film a fun and goofy, but still somewhat realistic scenario of what might happen if you tried to use jiu-jitsu against a knife-wielding attacker. But don’t worry — they used markers instead of knives. The video isn’t meant to serve as an instructional, and the athletes filmed it on April Fool’s Day for our collective entertainment, but it’s still a friendly reminder that even really, really good jiu-jitsu might not be enough to keep you from getting stabbed.


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