French Policeman Tries To Tackle Suspect, Gets Sprawled On] & Nearly Guillotined

Video has surfaced of an altercation between French police and a municipal employee in Sevran.

According to French news outlet Le Parisien, the incident started with 34-year-old Lamine Ba, a “well-known and respected mediator” in the area, momentarily blocked the road with his car to talk with some kids who were outside. Shortly thereafter, he was confronted by the police, and an argument ensued. Suddenly, though, the officer that Ba had been arguing with tried to tackle him, but Ba was ready. He sprawled onto the officer and seemed to attempt a guillotine, and when the officer broke out, the two engaged in a bit striking before Ba was ultimately brought down by another officer.

The incident sparked outrage after the video was shared to social media. The officer who initially tried to tackle Ba was originally going to be suspended, but the decision was changed after protests from the police union.

The video is one of the latest that depicts jiu-jitsu or wrestling skills being used in confrontations with law enforcement, whether against the officers or by the officers. There has long been debate about whether or not law enforcement officials should be required to learn grappling to protect themselves and suspects, with 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently saying that “it would make us all safer” if it were mandatory for police officers to earn purple belts in BJJ.

Watch the clip below:


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