Teenage Jiu-Jitsu Champion Defends Himself In Altercation With Unknown Man

A 16-year-old martial arts student from the UK used his jiu-jitsu knowledge to defend himself against a stranger, and the footage has since gone viral.

Earlier this week, SBG South Shields head coach Alex Enlund posted a video of his student, Alex Williams, using his jiu-jitsu on a man who reportedly approached Williams while the student was taking his lunch break with a friend. According to news site Teesside Live, the man, who was unknown to Williams, became “aggressive” towards the teen and began shouting threats at him. As seen in the video, the confrontation became physical, and Williams responded by getting up and taking the man to the ground. Williams backed off after the takedown, but the man continued to pursue him, and Williams again took him down and restrained him. This time, the man reportedly got up and walked away after Williams gave him some space.

Afterward, Williams told Teesside Live that he noticed a substantial amount of blood and realized that the man had “bitten a chunk out of [his] ear.” Williams sought medical attention and received six stitches.

Williams’ BJJ skills in the video were no fluke — he is a four-time world champion in the junior divisions, claiming the title in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019.

Enlund has since shared a follow-up post about his student, praising his efforts and discipline both on and off the mats:


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