Jackson Wink Breaks Silence On Calling Cris Cyborg A Man

A Jackson Wink photographer received quite a backlash today over calling reigning UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion Cris “Cyborg” a man.

The photographer, who uses the Instagram name ma2_media, repeatedly referred to Cyborg as a “he” before congratulating Holly on making the champion’s nose bleed.

You can check out the post below:

Only hours ago, Jackson Wink issued a statement on the photographer’s conduct.

Representatives of the gym wrote on Facebook saying that their photographer had heard Cyborg call Holm a “b**ch.” The photographer then used Cyborg’s history with steroids in what Jackson Wink described as a “knee jerk” response.

Jackson Wink never apologized for what the photographer did, but they did say that they don’t condone that type of behavior. They also congratulated Cyborg on her win and hoped for a rematch.

You can read their full post here:

In response to our media person’s recent Instagram remark about Cyborg, there is a backstory as to why he made his comment. After Cyborg’s victory, she was heard backstage by our media guy calling Holly a “Bi#%h” and laughing at a photo depicting her own toe in Holly’s eye. They were heard mocking Holly’s performance. Our media guy was defensive of our fighter and space and he used Cyborg’s past history of steroid use, in a knee jerk, response. We were unaware of all the backstage talk and his response on a public forum until yesterday. He regrets putting JW in this position. We don’t condone putting others down. Congratulations to Cyborg and her team and we look forward to a rematch.

Here is the original Facebook post:

In response to our media person's recent Instagram remark about Cyborg, there is a backstory as to why he made his…

Posted by JacksonWink MMA on Monday, January 1, 2018


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