Jiu-jitsu: A Way of Life: Journey, Spirituality, Balance

Take to heart these words from Rogan, Lister, Galvao, Lavato, & “Cyborg” Abreu… for many the holidays are difficult. Find strength in knowing you are surrounded by teammates & in knowing you can take your jiu-jitsu with you anywhere. You will carry the experiences and memories, always!

“You realize people from all across the spectrum that would never cross paths; you see that so much more in jiu-jitsu; the connections you make with people. People who have no confidence suddenly have confidence. Jiu-jitsu is amazing. Good for any age, anybody. Especially today, You need to develop so much more of who you are… We need to teach people how to manage your mind; how to think; how to think correctly; how not to go into a negative spiral; to think positively and affect people in your life as positively as possible; move your life in a positive direction. Jiu-jitsu is about the journey. You will never get to a point where you will say that your journey is complete! Enjoy it, appreciate what you’ve done; it’s not always easy.”


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