Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner With One Leg Showed The World That A Person With Special Needs Is Not A Person Who Is Disabled

fightinglifestyleuae.com caught up with the CBPJJ ambassador and incredible fighter Elcirley Silva while he was on his visit to the UAE. The remarkable practitioner talked about his inspiring and impressive Jiu jitsu journey, which found its start at a tragic biking accident that had caused the BJJ practitioner to lose his leg. Since the terrible events, Silva has conquered just about every obstacle that came in his way. This would lead him to win the Bronze at a tremendous world stage for jiu jitsu in Abu Dhabi.

“CBPJJ has an interesting platform that invites fighters with special needs from all over Brazil to come and compete. When I first started competing at the CBPJJ in Brazil I noticed, fighters were on wheel chairs, fighters who were blind & fighters without arms. I thought to my self why is it that I can’t fight without one leg. In CBPJJ we do not like to use the word “disabled”. A person disabled is a person disabled. A person disabled can not fight where as a person with special needs can fight. CBPJJ has showed the whole world that a person with special needs is not a person who is disabled. My experience has showed that Jiu-jitsu is for everyone.”


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