Video: Fake Black Belt Outed And Was Asked To Remove The Belt

A fake black belt went to Black House Miami Beach to train and was immediately outed by Ruben Alvarez, The fake black belt was asked to removed his belt and was told that if he decided to come back then he should wear a white belt.

Ruben Alvarez Told Jiu-Jitsu Times:

“He came in my gym saying he was a Jorge Macaco Patino black belt and also said he fought vale tudo. After a couple classes after I got my facts straight”

Ruben Alvarez is from fight sports A Black Belt under Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

Great thing about Bjj its a small circle you can’t lie and say you’re a Bjj black belt the mats don’t lie. I’m just happy I kept my composure. No judges needed!

Posted by Ruben Alvarez on Thursday, June 25, 2015


  1. The other guy had absolutely no dojo etiquette either… He should take his belt off too!

    People place too much importance in belt color.

    • First off, mr. Jon. It takes a lot of sweat, blood and injuries to obtain a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, our Mestre Roberto Cyborg Abreu dose not give away belts. This is not a two bit karate/Kung fu academy, where belts are awarded every month as long as you PAY and Perform said positions. Disrespecting a black belt on HIS mat is just plain stupid. I’ve know Ruben Alvarez for many years, he is a stand up guy and instructor, and a REAL Faxia Preta!!! Ossssss.

      • hey man do you know what he did to wear that belt?!! He broke his fuckin leg man and fought in MMA.
        what a dushbag fuck you and you black belt WE DONT CAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GET OF YOUR HIGH HORSE

    • Of course belt color is important, isn’t that the idea,”to get to black belt”? I am a brown belt under Marco Delima jr, and Marcus “Maximus” Aurelio, and I have shed countless blood, sweat, and tears to get here. Fuck this guy, I would have done the same thing had this guy come in my gym with that shit, I know Jorge “Macaco” Patino, and for this dusche bag to impersonate hime is retarded in every sense. Macaco is a Champion and a great roll model, on and off the mat.

    • If the belt color wasn’t important, there all of the belts would be white or no color. Belt color shows your belt time, experience… RESPECT!

  2. In a lot of other industries (like medicine, engineering, you name any industry that requires a license to practice), a guy could get arrested for misrepresenting his title. Regardless of the words used by the instructor, you could understand his anger because a guy comes into his gym and committed fraud, about the most disgraceful fraud you could think of in the works of jiu jitsu. In other industries, this literally could get you sent to jail. Luckily this won’t happen in jiu jitsu, but the embarrassment could almost be considered nearly as bad, especially in such a small community.

  3. I agree with calling him out and kicking him out.

    I thing the display of loss of temper and profanity was not a good example for what we, as Martual Artists, proclaim to teach.

  4. The poor guy has mental proplems and says he’s sorry. The trainer with his black belt should dont behave like this in the dojo. Fuck his black belt. You tell the guy not to to this and send him to a white belt class. show some class….

  5. I just don’t get why someone would impersonate a black belt….. you really don’t think an experienced black belt can tell the difference? I’ve always been taught, to get something done, do it right, no half-assing, no shortcuts, just plain, old fashioned hard work.

  6. A REAL Black belt sensei would never shame himself or disrespect himself or his other instructors or students in his dojo by cursing and saying “F..king” under any circumstanse. This is learned when you are a white belt.

    • Yeah, the way this guy handled it was pathetic and embarrassing to say the least. Absolutely no class and humility. A real man and black belt would’ve been extremely better at composing himself and teaching him what he did was wrong, instead of imposing his “superiority” or “legitimacy” over him by yelling, cursing, and humiliating him.

      The quack was an embarrassment and a joke, but that’s exactly why him reacting in this manner due to a something like this is just as pitiful. Please learn some humility and never portray this sort of childish high school boy behavior again. No one gives a crap about what you did to get a black belt, it’s not at all hard or grand as you try to make it out to be here.

      • “Thisguyisahoke” Imagine you telling Gordan Ramsay you are a 3 star michellen rated Chef, and he finds out you’re a liar. He would probably yell at you too.

        I would have respected your opinion more if you were a black belt yourself or atleast a purple belt, but we don’t even know if you practice bjj.

  7. In front of the class to put this guy down is just wrong. He may have disrespected the martial arts, but to do the same to him is not better.
    It would have been the right thing to do, to take him aside and talk to him after class. Sharing that on facebook is even worse..
    I agree with mr jon that people give to much weight to a belt colour. Lot’s of traditional grandmasters even wear a white belt as they say you will never learn out.
    Other systems do not even have belt colours. There is no such thing as a real black belt or false black belt, just because some sensei say we train harder and better, doesn’t mean that there black belts are the only valid once. this is arrogance which supposed to be banned from the whole martial arts. There are prefssional martial artists who may just have a blue or green belt, but still are better than most black belts. Also is there a massive difference from the art and the self defense. A teakwondo black belt is not compareable with a jiu jitsu black belt and things like krav maga supposed to have not even a belt rank level. I do understand your pride, but respect is more important than pride and who still didn’t understand that, should give back his black belt.

  8. I respect that it must have been really hard to get his black belt, But that’s NO way to behave inside a Dojo.
    I’m not a martial artist but I do enjoy reading books about its different philosophy’s and strong honor codes, This was not that.

  9. Ruben Alvarez had every right to cuss him out. Military veterans, warriors themselves, are not going to waste their time in being polite to a military phony, those phonies will get the earful they deserve. By receiving that chewing, that phony had no time to lie any further than he already has.

  10. Ruben did exactly what needed to be done and then had the courage to share it. This is the Martial Arts people, not day camp. Personally, I think he should have given him a lesson. 30 years ago if u pulled that BS in any real martial arts school of any style, you would not be walking out on your own two feet. #oldschool #bigboyrules

  11. Rocking up to BJJ school with a fake BB ?? … this guy has stones the size of the grand canyon or he is mentally challenged.

    If this guy pulled this shit at the club I train at he would be “gong sau’d in prompt manner.



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