Jocko Willink And Dean Lister’s 5 Most Painful Submissions

“This video could have also alternatively been called, ‘Just Nasty, Mean Things To Do In Jiu-Jitsu’” – Jocko

Jocko and Lister introduce their latest freebie instructional with “The Hobbler”, a calf-slicer turned toe-hold that is sure to lose a training partner here and there when applied with the right amount of pressure.

The rest of the featured techniques are more painful than they are damaging. They go on to show us Elbows To The Ribs during a kimura attempt, a Triangle Variation with an elbow to the opponents temple, a Khabib-esque Fulcrum Choke, and an Ezekiel Choke with a little bit of some Jocko seasoning.

If you’re not going to engage your opponent, you have to expect them to try and make something happen. Oftentimes, opportunities can be created by simply agitating a defensive opponent. Personally, I’m a fan of using a good sternal rub, a technique I learned as a Marine to assess an unconscious person’s responsiveness.

Adding these tricks to your tool kit might seem a little harsh, but hey, it’s the game we play.


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