Shocker (Or Not So Shocking): Joe Rogan Just Said He Might Leave The UFC In August 2016

Joe Rogan has been a commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship for 18 years. Everyone considers him a big part of the UFC, even though he’s not a fighter. In August of 2016, his current contract expires, and that could be his last accord with the UFC. Joe Rogan just said he might leave the UFC after this contract expires, though. That announcement was made during a recent episode of his popular podcast.

While that might come as shocking news to some, it wouldn’t be that surprising. An 18-year career as a commentator is impressive enough, and everyone wants to move on at some point. In reality, a change of scenery or occupation could keep Rogan happy long-term. He’s synonymous with the UFC and mixed martial arts, but everyone’s time comes. It’s better to go out on one’s own terms and enjoy something new. Plus, Rogan admitted as much during his podcast.

Will Rogan leave the UFC next August? We’ll find out soon enough.


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