Joe Rogan: Mendes Should Be The Favorite Going Into UFC 189

One of the most awaited interim championship matches of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the match dubbed UFC 189: Mendes vs. McGregor. Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor are strong contenders based on their history and each is looking to win the featherweight title for this season. However, Joe Rogan thinks Mendes should be favorite going Into UFC 189.

Joe Regan, a UFC commentator and comedian shared his views on this upcoming fight on his podcast. According to Joe, Mendes is a favorite as he is a smasher! He destroys people with just one punch like what he did to Ricardo Lamas.

Other people differ with this opinion, suggesting that McGregor is a favorite based on his personality and his fighting skills. The true fate of these fighters will however be known on July 11, 2015 when the interim match will kick off at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“See, I disagree. Mendes easily could be as big a star as Conor McGregor. He wouldn’t talk like Conor McGregor did, but neither did [former UFC welterweight champion] Georges St-Pierre. Georges St-Pierre was the biggest pay-per-view star of all time. Because he was a gentleman. Georges St-Pierre got a million pay-per-view buys.”


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