Jon Jones Defeats Dan Henderson Via Arm Triangle At Submission Underground 2

Let’s face the facts; no one has solved the puzzle that is Jon “Bones” Jones yet.

Yes, there was that one controversial decision loss, but other than that, Jon seems to be unstoppable.

Tonight, at Submission Underground 2, he proved that point yet again when he defeated wrestling and MMA legend, Dan “Hendo” Henderson.

Jones and Hendo spent the overwhelming majority of the match on their feet. Jones did most of the chasing, and even showboated at times, pretending to throw his infamous spinning elbow.

Bones took Henderson to the mat, and remained on top. When he managed to get mount, he got himself under Hendo’s arm and secured the arm triangle for the tap.

As was expected, Jon Jones made an impressive debut in Submission Underground 2, and it may not be the last time we see him in the SUG cage…


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