Josh Barnett Aims to Knock People Out at CJJ Monterrey

“We’re not here to play patty cake, we’re here to f*** people up.” Everyone clear?

Combat Jiu-Jitsu’s night of slapjitsu superfights is headed to Monterrey, Mexico, set to stream on FightPass on February 22nd. Catch wrestler, shower burger enthusiast, and UFC veteran Josh Barnett is headlining the card, and the CJJ video selling his matchup against Yuri Simoes went live earlier today.

“I aim to knockout, TKO, or referee stoppage pretty much everyone,” says Barnett, who goes on to expound on the need to put blood in an opponent’s eyes as a sign of “ultimate respect.”

The Barnett vs. Simoes fight replaces the previously announced bout between Gordon Ryan and Fabricio Werdum which was scrapped due to Ryan’s Kasai knee injury.

CJJ Fight night will also feature Rustam Chsiev.

Let Barnett pump you up Ragnar-style:


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