Josh Barnett Crushes Chests in Kesa Getame Breakdown

Living mountain and grappling expert Josh Barnett was strolling through an MMA event, minding his own business, when he ran into Coach Brian Peterson, the gym owner and mat rat behind online tutorial channel TeachMeGrappling. Peterson had recently spent entire episodes of his channel to the nuances of kesa getame, and was now face to face with a UFC veteran and savage catch wrestler known for using it without mercy.

“This is just basically a wrestling move,” said Barnett, as both men did the only logical thing and got down on what appears to be a random hotel floor to review the mechanics of crushing Coach Peterson (or anyone) into submission.

Barnett quickly goes over grips, weight distribution, and where to pull up and pressure down if you want to tap folks like the big grapplers do.

“If he’s not breathing too hard it should take a while,” says Barnett as we wait to see whether Peterson will tap or just black out.

Give it a look. Cheers to Coach Brian for never missing a teachable moment:


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