Josh Barnett: Nothing Is Official For Chael Sonnen Match At Metamoris

According to a recent podcast with Jon Anik and Kenny Florian, Josh Barnett says nothing is official for Chael Sonnen match. Barnett, a UFC heavyweight fighter, was scheduled to spar with Sonnen (who formerly fought in the UFC) at an upcoming Metamoris event.

“There’s no contract, nothing has been signed on my end. I couldn’t think of a worse thing than to be anywhere with Chael Sonnen for 20 minutes. I would be embarrassed to let it go that long, to be perfectly honest.”

According to the podcast interview, Barnett, who will fight Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan later this month, is confident at being able to take down Sonnen. He stated that the bout wouldn’t really be a true match, as he would dominate Sonnen and “give him a free private lesson that he got paid for.”


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