Air Force Hero On French Train Says ‘jiujitsu saved my life’

The skills of Brazilian jiu jitsu can help anyone in a harrowing situation, reports Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone. The airman was on a train in Belgium when he helped to disarm a gunman, thereby preventing a massacre.

Spencer Stone says he used only basic jiu jitsu moves, but they saved his life. He believes that anyone could learn these basic techniques in five minutes. He suggests that the Air Force implement a training course in this martial art. Brazilian jiujitsu provides both physical and mental training. The martial art trains you to remain calm in stressful situations and in dangerous encounters with armed assailants.

Stone has received international acclaim for his heroism. In recognition of his bravery, the Air Force has promoted him to staff sergeant. He will also be awarded the Purple Heart and the Airman’s Medal during a ceremony at the Pentagon.


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