The Jiu Jitsu Practitioner Who Was Born Without An Elbow

Sam Kaye may have been born with a disability, but that doesn’t stop this Blue Belt Jiu Jitsu fighter from pursuing his passion for the sport. Not only does he constantly push his own limits, but he encourages others to do the same.

Kaye was born with a deformed right arm with no elbow and only two fingers. His parents knew that this would potentially cause many problems for their son, so they taught him from a young age to stand up for himself.

The competitive streak ran strong through Kaye, and after many years as a competitive disabled swimmer, he discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and immediately became addicted.

Training under Lucio Sergio Dos Santos, Matthew Callaghan and Paul Hartley, Kaye has gone on to win many competitions, and he has also started Disabled BJJ UK to introduce disabled people to martial arts and encourage them to challenge themselves, stay active and build confidence.

Sam Kaye In Tournament


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