Kasai Pro 3 Superfight Winner Jon Calestine: “Online Sh*t Talk Thing Isn’t For Me”

Image Source: Giulliana Fonseca Photography

After spending a lot of time as an “up and comer,” Daisuke Yamaji black belt Jon Calestine is finally getting the opportunities to prove himself on the big stages of grappling. Having defeated Geo Martinez to become the EBI 15 champion, Calestine faced difficulties getting would-be opponents to take a match with him until Gianni Grippo agreed to compete against him in a superfight at Kasai Pro 3. Calestine won the contest via ref decision and proceeded to call out AJ Agazarm. Agazarm, for his part, lost his match against Gilbert Burns via ref decision and called out Geo Martinez, who was originally slated to compete against Agazarm at the same event before getting injured.

However, if you’re hoping for some back-and-forth social media sparring between Agazarm and Calestine, you’re going to be disappointed. Calestine mentioned in an Instagram story earlier today that if there was going to be any “shit talk” online, it wouldn’t be coming from him:

Image Source: Jon Calestine/ Instagram

Who do you think would win in a battle of Agazarm vs. Calestine?


Featured image by Giulliana Fonseca Photography


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