Keenan Cornelius Comes Away With The Win At Inaugural 3rd Coast Grappling Event

Third Coast Grappling hosted its first ever event over the weekend, and it certainly lived up to all the hype. Out of the competition’s twenty matches, eleven ended in submission, seven ended in points wins, and just two ended in referee decisions. The grappling was high-level, and the action was entertaining.

Hunter Newton and Joe Dierkhising put up a tough fight against each other at 3rd Coast Grappling.

In the main event, Keenan Cornelius showed why he’s one of the best in the game by fighting off Aaron “Tex” Johnson’s leglock attempts and racking up an impressive 34 points to win their headlining match.

Here are the full results from the event:

Keenan Cornelius defeats Aaron “Tex” Johnson via points  

Victor Pozas defeats Bill Cooper via heel hook  

Roberto Jimenez defeats Diego Almeida via points  

Jordan Holy defeats Cristian Guzman via heelhook  

Hunter Newton defeats Joe Dierkhising via referee decision (Overtime)

Justin Ledet defeats Robert Perez via guillotine  

Alana Kai defeats Aimee Olds via guillotine  

Michael Gainer defeats Dean Paulino via pressure  

Roberto Rivas defeats Efrain Rodriguez via points  

Victor Seabra defeats Hector Da Silva via points  

Randy Baker defeats Duke Edwards via choke (Overtime) 

William Tackett defeats Colin McClelland via head-arm choke  

Mackenzie Manteris defeats Beverly Pratka via guillotine  

Jevin Luchsinger defeats Logan Gonzales via points  

Calvin Nguyen defeats Robert Ezzell via armbar  

Jacob Allphin defeats Ken Alfaro via points (Overtime)

Angelus McFarlane defeats Deniro Kelly via referee decision (Overtime)

Nate Suarez defeats Lilia Cantu via armbar  

Bolivar Penaherrera defeats Jaxon Kennedy via points  

Brody Banks defeats Emilio Cantu via armbar  


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