Loyalty Is a Two Way Street with Professor Tom DeBlass

The late Jiu Jitsu Master Carlson Gracie is credited with first using the term “creonte” which he coined as a label for students who were perceived to be disloyal to their team or instructors.  In the short video below, Professor DeBlass shares his thoughts on the importance of being loyal to your team and instructors, but also reminds us that loyalty is in fact a two way street.

Being loyal doesn’t mean you can’t train with others.

By all means, travel and take seminars and visit different schools.  Get to know other people, share ideas, and make friends.  There is a distinct difference between this and training with a group or team that is in direct competition with you or your teammates.  At the end of the day, this is a sport and your goal is to prepare yourself and your teammates to be victorious at the competition.

Instructors must support their students on their good days or bad days.

No one is perfect.  We all have our good days and our bad days.  It’s important for an instructor to build that relationship with their students and understand that the students need you when they lose and probably even more when they win.  This does not mean that everyone needs handled with kid gloves when they have a bad day, or coddled if they lose a match.  Instead, the instructor must respect the individual and give them respect and encouragement whenever possible.

The black belt can only take you so far.

A black belt does not mean you are a nice person, a good teacher, or anything other than you have achieved a high level within the martial art.  Anyone who thinks that putting on the black belt is going to automatically guarantee you a level of respect of your students is kidding themselves.  It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you berate, mistreat, or in any way abuse your students, you will not build their trust and respect for you.

Don’t expect anything you don’t give.

Your students are invested in you and your school or academy.  By investing in them and their success, an instructor guarantees an environment where everyone can meet their goals and work together to foster broader successes.

Be true to your students and they will be true to you.

Be thankful for those students and they will be thankful for you as their instructor.  Treat everyone with respect and watch your school flourish.


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