Male vs Female: Mackenzie Dern Going Against A Bigger And Heavier Judo Black Belt Guy In Japan


  1. Where does it say she won? She didn’t submit him? And he was being quite the gentlemen too hahah it takes a lot of self control to not just slam someone on their head when they pull guard like that

  2. The guy gets tapped out at 3:17 and she gives him a consoling pat shortly afterwards… Back when I was a blue belt ( brown belt now), I learnt to open my closed guard & drop to my feet/or the ground when someone went for the slam.. It’s pretty easy to avoid once you learn what to watch out for

  3. I thought she deserved the win and agree with Oceanian grappler’s comments,I think alot of the negative comments not on here I might add,but on YouTube is young macho men can’t except that some women are better at fighting then men.
    It wasn’t a surprise really she has been practicing jujitsu most of her life and is highly trained and skilled.Just because one black belt judo male struggled against her and lost,doesn’t mean she is going to somehow beat all men she faces in the future,take it for what it is a exhibition match and helping to empower women.
    I enjoyed it and good for you Mackenzie hope you do more.
    Anybody seen the clown dressed as a Japanese judo black belt male last seen drowning his sorrows in a bottle of Xmas ? everyone…!

  4. i’m a brown belt judoka who cross-trains BJJ and i admire Mackenzie Dern a great deal, but i have to say the guy won technically on judo rules, but since it’s a mixed-martial art matchup the winner has to be decided based on a combination of rules between judo and BJJ. they did not make that clear. so it’s hard to determine who won.


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