Marcus Buchecha debuts at ACBJJ on Friday in São Paulo

Photos Stefan Cocef and @izidor_

The Absolute Championship Berkut Jiu-Jitsu (ACBJJ) has set up a awesome card for its first edition in 2018, to be held this Friday, January 26, in São Paulo, Brazil. among the names of the card is the ten-time world champion Marcus Buchecha. The black belt, who signed a contract with the Russian event at the end of last year, will make his debut in the organization in one of the superfights against Mahamed Aly.

“The expectation is very high for this championship. This event is revolutionizing our sport. I’m very happy to be a part of this. The event is growing a lot, all the great athletes have already signed up with the organization. So I’m really looking forward to making the ACBJJ debut,” said Buchecha.

The last championship that Buchecha fought was the ADCC, in September last year, when he won the second title. After resting and healing some injuries, the Checkmat athlete ensures that he is prepared and motivated to fight in his homeland.

“After the ADCC I stopped. This was good because I was able to rest well, since last year was a lot of competitions, and also to think about the tournaments that I intend to fight this year. And this year I will prioritize the competitions of the ACBJJ,” he emphasized.

At only 28, just completed on January 8, Buchecha has already broken several records in Jiu-Jitsu. Despite flirting constantly with MMA, he assures himself that he still does not think about retirement from the mats.

“I just turned 28. I already felt one foot in the masters category (laughs). I haven’t stopped to think about everything I have achieved so far, but it has been a very good career. I have achieved many of my goals, and fulfilled many of my dreams. I’m sure there’s still plenty left. I’m far from retiring. I still have a lot of desire to fight and I believe that this is the most important thing in an athlete’s career, “he concluded.




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