Martial Artist Knocks Himself Out On Live TV, Still Gets Up To Break Stone Slabs

A martial artist knocked himself out on live TV, but still managed to get up and break some stone slabs.

Sudarshana Deshappriya is a black belt in what looks like some kind of karate. He was showing off his skills on a show similar to “America’s Got Talent.”. Deshappriya not only did a full split on a bed of nails, but had his helpers smash pieces of what looked like brick on his arms.

Sudarshana then confidently called for another slab of stone so that he could break it over his head.

That’s when things went downhill for him…literally!

When Deshappriya hit himself in the head, he not only fell off the bed of nails, but knocked himself out.

Determined to finish his demonstration, though, Sudarshana pushed away his helpers and tried to break a stack of stone slabs. He was only able to break the top one, but still, you have to give this guy an “A” for effort.

Check out the video below:

Epic martial arts fail

Epic martial arts fail

Posted by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Wednesday, April 4, 2018


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