Model & BJJ Practitioner Kate Upton Demonstrated A Rear Naked Choke On Jimmy Fallon

Jiu-jitsu may still be a bit of a niche sport, but it’s steadily gaining in popularity across the world. Plenty of celebrities have started training, and among them is model Kate Upton.

Back in December, it was revealed that Upton had been training jiu-jitsu for a few months and received her first stripe. A few nights ago, she appeared on The Tonight Show alongside host Jimmy Fallon, and it didn’t take long for Fallon to ask about her training. Upton said she was “obsessed” with jiu-jitsu, talking about her first stripe with pride and saying that she practices “everywhere.” Then, when Fallon asked her to demonstrate a technique, she opted for the rear naked choke. It’s pretty cool to see jiu-jitsu brought into a mainstream show like this!

Take a look below:


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