Nate Diaz Defeats Conor McGregor By Rear Naked Choke

The current featherweight champion of the UFC, Conor McGregor, took on Nate Diaz in a welterweight match during the main event of UFC 196.

McGregor was strong at the start as he switched up his stances, throwing a spin kick and clinching up. However, Diaz came back hit McGregor with a few jobs and a good body punch quickly.

McGregor appeared to hit with more power in general during the fight, though he did miss a couple of times. Diaz was bleeding early on, and the two of them grappled for control on the ground. McGregor had Diaz on the mat at the end of the round.

Diaz then got McGregor to the cage and landed a good jab, which McGregor countered with an uppercut. He was able to catch McGregor when he was tired or rocked and his hands were down for a moment, and landed some big punches on him. Though McGregor broke free and fired back, Diaz was able to land more big shots. Diaz took the mount and won the match with a rear naked choke during Round 2. The fact that this fan favorite won was a bit of a surprise.

The Finish:


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